31 ways to be Creative by Anna Vital

Browsing the Internet this week, I found an interesting article by information designer and infographic author Anna Vital. Ms. Vital’s infographic and article is not only visually stimulating, but very motivating as well.

Disclaimer: All ideas, content and concepts are property of Anna Vital.

You could do anything except for doing absolutely nothing. What you do does not matter so much. But some ways of how to be creative are proven to turn on your genius even when you are deep in the gutter of self-doubt.

To get out, do these things:

1. Do what you are under-skilled to do – if you know pretty well what you are doing you are probably jaded by now. Facing a tremendous creative challenge makes you go scrambling for solutions. That’s where creativity starts – either you sink or you swim. Isaac Asimov, a legendary fiction writer who had a Ph.D. in chemistry, said that he disliked writing about chemistry. He had nothing to learn about it. Instead he wrote about astronomy and physics, subjects where he was no expert.

2. Shed defense mentality – that’s when you think your ideas are too silly and defy common sense. Most creative ideas will seem silly at first. Get used to it.

3. Visualize – the cheapest hack for how to be creative is visualizing what you are doing. Visualizing anything at all gets you half way there. Persevere.

4. Do faster than you doubt – no matter how much you motivate yourself, self-doubt will creep in.  The good news is there is a window of opportunity right before it to just get something done.

5. Mix unmixables – if there are two things you like, put them together. Mixing is creating.

6. Allow randomness – randomness is free, it’s floating around in your brain anyway. How do you capture it though if that giant wall of defense mentality is in the way? Write down your thoughts in the shower. What do you think about when you have nothing to think about? That’s it. You thought it was useless mind garbage, and it turns out that’s your most creative thoughts.

7. Dive deep – when one thought leads to another and then to another, your mind is just taking you on a tour of how it works. Don’t cut it off just because it’s irrelevant. Maybe that’s a hidden insight you just don’t see yet.

8.  Think simple – to figure out what you are thinking, put every though into one sentence. That’s it. If you can’t, you probably don’t know what you are thinking. Your mind may just be digesting shreds of some other dogma you heard somewhere.

9. Borrow ideas – there are no new ideas, really. But there are new combinations of old ideas.

10. Make connections – the brain works by connecting neurons. The more physical connections the better you know something. Of course you can’t hack your brain to physically connect things, but we know that just thinking about how things connect builds those physical neuron connections.

I highly recommend checking out the full article here to find out the remaining 21 ways to be creative in your business today.

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